Cattery in Atherton

cattery in AthertonYou can’t leave your cat at just any cattery in Atherton! They say that dogs have owners and cats have staff. That simply says it all. You need more than caring, understanding people to take over the role of waiting on the head of your household. In the unfortunate event of having to pass on a family member to a temporary place of residence, it is imperative that the home away from home holds as high a standard of living as one is used to. When one is in an unfamiliar environment, extra care and attention are needed to help get through the period of adjustment.

In Atherton, the cattery accommodation is of an exceptional quality at Talbot House Kennels. They pamper the cats that are left in their care. Cats are sensitive creatures that need space for solitude and a playful environment if they are up to some company. At Talbot House Kennels they will treat your cat as if it were a member of their own family. Your cat will be housed in a comfortably sized, designer chalets fully protected from the elements including the noisy dog neighbourhood nearby. From a heated, warm and cosy sleeping area to a choice of known food brands your cat will feel quite spoilt at the cattery. They even have a choice between pellets or tinned food. The staff are all animal lovers and you will leave there knowing your feline friend is in good, capable hands. They can accommodate cat families just as easy as a single occupation by offering double sized chalets.

A cattery in Atherton worth noting for its outstanding approach to animal care is the Talbot House Kennels. They will change their program to suit any special diets or medication to make your pets stay as comforting as humanly possible. Give them a call and let them convince you that their place is the best to entrust your cat with them. They are situated in the countryside offering your cat the finest environment to bide it’s time in awaiting your return. For more about a first class cattery, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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