Boarding for Cats in Crank

Boarding for Cats in CrankAre you looking for boarding for cats in Crank? Situated in the beautiful, quiet countryside, Talbot House Kennels and Cattery offers a peaceful and safe place for your beloved felines while you are away. Set apart from their kennels, Talbot House’s cattery contains a variety of chalets that house singles, pairs or large groups of cats. These chalets have been specially designed by a professional company to provide the optimal comfort and security for your pet. With complete heating, vet bedding and regular feeding, your cat’s essential needs are covered. A covered run and play area ensures that they can remain active and entertained, and full height sneeze barriers and high standards of cleanliness protect against bacteria and keeps them in good health.

In Crank, boarding for cats has never before been so accommodating and convenient, for both pets and owners. At a basic fee of only £7 per cat per night, you can afford to give them the luxury they deserve. Talbot House uses recognised cat food brands such as Whiskas, Felix, Go-Cat and Iams and stocks both dry and tinned food. They also cater for any diabetic or extra dietary requirements and are qualified to provide any special medication or treatment that your feline friend may need. For extra comfort and pleasure, you can treat your cat to their full grooming service as well.

Talbot House comes highly recommended for boarding for cats in Crank. Their dedicated and friendly staff are animal enthusiasts who want only the only the best for your cat. At Talbot House they recognise that your cat is a part of the family, and are always ready with grooming, play time and cuddles to keep them happy during their time away from home. They ensure that your cat will be returned to you in the same good health as they arrived. If you want superior comfort and safety for your kitty companion, and are looking for boarding for cats, contact Talbot House today.

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