Dog Grooming Service in Crank

Dog Grooming Service in CrankThere is no reason you can’t groom your pet at home, but a dog grooming service in Crank is necessary when you have dogs with thick, long hair and when you have trouble with brushing your dogs teeth or clipping their nails. Talbot House Kennels & Cattery don’t only welcome cats and dogs to their beautiful kennels in a country setting in Wigan, they also offer excellent grooming services. They offer  professional dog grooming services throughout the North West. They make it their mission to ensure that your dogs return to you in the same good health and good mood as when you brought them.

In Crank, dog grooming services  at Talbot House are thorough. Their extensive grooming services include bathing, blow drying, clipping and trimming the hair, clipping of nails, ear plucking and eye cleaning. The Talbot House Kennels & Cattery team grooms all the different breeds of  dogs, knowing how to deal with straight, curly, silky and wiry hair. In summer the services of Talbot House Kennels & Cattery are sought after more than usual because this is when pet owners bring their pets in for their summer cuts, making sure their pets are able to cope with the hot weather with their newly trimmed coats.

With a dog grooming service in Crank, you don’t have to have your pet booked into the Talbot House Kennels and Cattery to benefit from their professional services. There are many pet owners who just want to treat and pamper their pets to make them beautifully presentable again. Long, matted hair is unpleasant and always tends to have that typical wet dog smell. A lovely warm therapeutic bath with shampoo will leave your pet silky, shiny, free of knots and smelling fresh so that you just want to hug your pet all the time. Treat your 4-legged friend to a time of pampering. The Talbot House Kennels & Cattery are always available to answer any grooming queries you have and to discuss prices for the different breeds of dogs. To pamper your dog, contact Talbot House Kennels & Cattery to find out more about their dog grooming service.

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