Dog Boarding in Buckshaw Village

Dog Boarding in Buckshaw VillageYour four legged friends will simply love their time at the kennel if you choose dog boarding in Buckshaw Village. Situated conveniently between Chorley and Leyland, with easy access to the wide open spaces of rural Lancashire, this would be the ideal place for your doggies when you need to board them temporarily while you’re away from home, have a family emergency or an illness. There are a lot of inconveniences in taking your dog along wherever you have to go even today, with so many pet friendly facilities. You’ve probably tried leaving your pet with family or friends and no matter how well intentioned they are, it’s not fair to give them that responsibility. Neighbors may be kind enough to pitch in, but they’re not trained to care for your pet. In case of emergencies, you’d rather have trained professionals on hand to provide immediate attention and care. Diet, exercise, hygiene and safety are some of the other concerns.

In Buckshaw Village, dog boarding options are readily available. It’s a question of doing some research and coming up with the one that suits you and your pet best. Some things that are top priority are safety, comfort and hygiene. Additionally, look for a large space, with plenty of room for each animal, segregation according to size and temperament, trained and experienced staff, a cheerful atmosphere, on call vet, clean and fresh living quarters, regular exercise and the right kind of food. Talbot House Kennels is one such facility where your pet will feel at home right away. Some of the great features offered by such premium facilities include heated kennels, with covered runs for exercise on rainy days, professional grooming options, vet bedding, vet on call, wide range of reputed dog food brands and a vast 100 acre area.

Dog boarding in Buckshaw Village and surrounds couldn’t get better than this! Ensure that your dog’s immunization is up to date and it is flea, tick and worm free. Visit Talbot House Kennels beforehand, while you have the leisure, and let your pet get a feel of the place before you decide. Your pet deserves to be top dog!

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