Kennels in Hindley

Kennels in HindleyAre you searching for affordable and reliable kennels in Hindley? If you are wondering where to leave your animals, it is important to leave them with a kennel that will actually take care of them properly, like a home away from home. A good start would be Talbot House Kennels. This family owned business is friendly and genuine animal lovers that will provide your animals with the same care as they are accustomed to. When it’s cold they provide warm bedding and a cosy place. Their beautiful comfortable kennels provide waterproofed runs, large exercise areas, fully heated kennels with vet bedding, daily feeding and there is a vet on call.

In Hindley, the kennels at Talbot House provide a full grooming service onsite and make sure the animals receive plenty of cuddles that will provide you with peace of mind that your animals are well looked after and will return to you in the same good health as when they arrived. Set apart from the boarding kennels, they offer a specially designed cattery with full height sneeze barriers that are safe and quiet with covered play and run areas. They supply a variety of regular meals recognised by top animal food manufacturers as well as administer medications if required. All animals that will be residing at the kennels must have been de-flead and de-wormed as well as have up to date vaccination certificates before entry.

Leaving your animals at Talbot House Kennels in Hindley ensures the best care ever. Contrary to belief recent studies have shown that dogs in particular are not negatively stressed when kennelled, in fact the study revealed that dogs showed overall arousal and excitement at their change of scenery short term. Talbot House Kennels offer top quality boarding facilities where the animals are happy and well looked after. Just as you enjoy a brief stay at a holiday resort, your animals are guaranteed to enjoy a brief stay at Talbot House. To ensure your pets receive the best care possible and that they have a happy and safe boarding experience, give Talbot House a call today for peace of mind knowing that your animals are in good hands and will not come to any harm. Their friendly team offers great services at well affordable prices.

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