Dog Boarding in Chorley

Dog Boarding in ChorleyLooking for the perfect dog boarding in Chorley for your four legged friends? As a dog lover you obviously want the best and would like your doggie to feel that it’s almost as good as home. Though there are many big names in the business and lots of people who board pets, you need to do a thorough background check before you entrust your precious darling to the care of strangers. Hygiene, space and comfort are absolute essentials. Experience and expertise are other important factors. It’s a great idea to have personal references from trustworthy sources like your vet, good friends/family/co-workers who have used the facilities and been satisfied. Look for boarding kennels that are temperature controlled, water proofed, have a separate area for vet bedding, feeding and exercise. Kennels with the appropriate number of trained staff who truly love animals and an on call vet are ideal. Check their certifications. Visit a few times before you decide, when it’s not an emergency and you have time and leisure.

In Chorley, dog boarding kennels may be situated on large tracts of land or farms. These can be a sheer delight for your furry friends as they get plenty of space for exercise and running about freely. The healthy outdoor climate and fresh air are a boon for dogs who live in small flats or urban areas. A premium kennel like Talbot House Kennels offers secure, heated kennels with covered areas for exercising on rainy days. A range of top quality dog food is provided according to taste.

While using dog boarding in Chorley ensure that you do your part. Your dog needs certificates for up to date immunization, be free of fleas, ticks and worms and be vaccinated against kennel cough. In case of emergencies, good boarding kennels will call in their own veterinary surgeon and medicate when required. Standard boarding charges are calculated on a per day basis for individual dogs or on sharing format. Depending on doggie’s breed, grooming, go home washing are extras. If you’d like to give your dog some pampering, opt for Talbot’s superb grooming services like shampoo, nail-clipping, eye or ear cleaning, baths, blow-dry etc. Give your dog its day! For more information, contact Talbot House Kennels today.


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