Dog Boarding in Bolton

Dog Boarding in Bolton Are you a pet owner who is always on the move and in search of dog boarding in Bolton? A dedicated animal care center will look after your pet while you attend to other matters. In case you are going on a holiday or you have to attend to a sudden unforeseen crisis, you can leave your dog in the care of a pet boarding facility. If you decide to leave your pet at a boarding facility, then it is only right you select a comfortable and safe place, a facility where your dog will be provided with the utmost care, including daily meals, regular cleaning and exercise.

In Bolton, dog boarding services are available at Talbot House. Talbot House are a group of animal lovers who provide kennels, cattery and grooming services to pet owners around Bolton. All the dogs sleep in well cleaned and adequately heated kennels. If you are really looking for a comfy and safe place to leave your dog, Talbot House is the perfect choice. With services such as vet bedding and quality daily feeding, many clients are happy to leave their animals with them. In addition, the dogs are taken for daily walks to keep them alert and energetic.

Aside from providing dog boarding in Bolton, Talbot House also offers cattery services. Their catteries are big enough to house dozens of cat families. To keep the cats in great health and safe, they have well-equipped chalets, which are sufficiently heated and insulated. In case your dog gets sick while under their care and needs attention, they have a vet surgeon who can dispense the right treatment to the animals. Should you need reliable and safe dog boarding at reasonable prices, contact Talbot House. You are welcome to phone them for a quote, or you can visit the kennels to see for yourself the facilities available for your dog while you are away.

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