Finding the Most Hospitable Kennels in Eccleston

Kennels in EcclestonWhen you are unable to bring your beloved companion with you, kennels in Eccleston are an excellent option. There might be a number of options available for your pets, such as leaving them with relatives or the neighbours, but relying on people who are not used to pets will have you worrying endlessly. That’s why we are here to offer our help. At Talbot House Kennels, we love dogs and treat them as our own.

Finding Eccleston kennels for your canine companions can be exhausting. Recently, a customer called us and enquired about leaving his pet here. He wanted to come and visit to see the place before he could come to a decision. We informed him that we would be delighted to have him visit and he was welcome to bring his dog too. When the client reached the countryside of Worthington, he was delighted. In fact, he was impressed with the large open space where his dog could run freely. After a thorough visit and a couple of questions, he was satisfied. The customer brought his vaccinated dog a week later, with specific dietary instructions for our care-takers to follow. When the pet was ready to be collected by his owner, we washed, groomed and clipped his nails and he was ready to go home after a short holiday with us.

If you are looking for safe, comfortable and caring kennels in Eccleston, we are definitely the place to come to. We offer comfortable secure accommodation for your dog. As well as daily walks for your dog and we also have access to the services to a local veterinarian – ensuring you peace of mind while your dog is in our care. We accommodate females in season and require an up to date vaccination certificate, be vaccinated for kennel cough and have been deflead and wormed. At Talbot House Kennels, we welcome dogs of all breeds, ages and sizes. For any further enquiries, you can reach us by calling 01257 791 367.

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