Stellar Boarding Kennels in Euxton

Kennels in EuxtonWhen you absolutely have to leave your pets behind, the kennels in Euxton would be happy to look after them and board them for this short time. There are times when you will need our help, for instance, when you find yourself catering for an elderly, or you find yourself invited to a wedding held in a hotel where pets are not allowed. These unforeseen circumstances can put on a damper on your mood, but, with our loving pet carers at Talbot House Kennels, there is no need to worry about where to leave your beloved pets or who would look after them.

In Euxton there are kennels where you could leave your dog. However, the most well-known kennels you will find are probably the ones you will find at Talbot House Kennels. Recently, a client called and wanted to know whether we would be able to look after his dog for about a week since he found himself tied up in an unexpected business transaction abroad. Of course, since we did have the space available, we were able to accommodate his dog. He was a little concerned as his dog was a large animal and needed daily exercise. We assured him that his dog would get the daily exercise it needed. We also informed him that his dog would rest peacefully at night in warmed bedding after having being fed according to the dog’s dietary specifications. The dog was well cared for and as a result, has become one of our regulars. Whenever the client has to be out of town, he boards his dog with us.

Are you looking for reliable and great kennels in Euxton? Why don’t you give us, at Talbot House Kennels, a try? We have great accommodation with heated cots for cold winters, tinned and dried food and if your pet requires a certain brand, we will be happy to provide it. As importantly, they will get their daily exercises when they are with us. For more details, you can easily reach us on 01257 791 367.

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