Where Can you Find the Best Dog Groomers in Chorley?

Dog Groomers in ChorleyFinding dog groomers in Chorley that you can trust is similar to finding an experienced and qualified pediatrician for your child. This is because to most people, pets are like family members. Dogs in particular are considered “man’s best friend” because of their social nature. It is no surprise then that dogs are often considered and treated like extensions of the family. Apart from the social interaction that dogs crave, keeping them well groomed is also paramount. Most dog owners are weary about letting strangers care for their beloved pets. Where can they find experienced, grooming professionals who also respect canines?

Talbot House Boarding Kennels & Cattery has worked hard to earn and maintain their reputation as one of the best Chorley dog groomers. Most of their customers come to them through referrals and word-of-mouth. Their professional experience coupled with their ability to provide quality care, has made them a preferred dog grooming destination by many pet owners. Their grooming services extend to felines as well and include services such as bathing, shampooing, blow drying, nail clipping, eye cleaning, hair trimming and clipping and ear cleaning. These services are available to all cats and dogs who board at the kennel as well as to pets whose owners want to treat them to a day at the doggy/kitty spa! Most pet owners find that when they return to pick up their pet, they appear fresh, clean, and rejuvenated.

So if you are looking for the best dog groomers in Chorley, give Talbot House Kennels & Cattery a call. Whether your pet cat has matted hair or your dog refuses to have his nails clipped, Talbot House Kennels can help you take care of your pet. All of their rates are reasonable and depend on the breed of your pet species. Rest assured that Talbot House Kennels has the required certifications and qualifications to groom your pet cat or dog, providing you with reassurance that your pet is taken care of properly.

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