Do you need Kennels in Adlington?

Kennels in AldingtonAre you searching for the perfect kennels in Adlington? One of the many enquiries we receive are about our services. Talbot House Kennels is a great place, it also doubles as a hotel for dogs, a place to leave your canine friends when you are going on a short business trip, or holiday. Whatever the reason is that you cannot take your dogs with you, Talbot House Kennels is here to make sure that you enjoy your stay away from home with peace of mind knowing that your animals are being well cared for in your absence.

Finding the perfect Adlington kennels can be exhausting. You need to find the best place for your animals – a home away from home so that you can enjoy your trip without worrying. The last thing you need is a place where the animals are neglected, their well-being is not catered for, they are cramped inside the kennels, they do not get their daily walks or they might be fed other food than what their owners have asked for. With Talbot House Kennels, we ensure that we do not encounter any of these problems, in fact, we provide the best services to our guests and we even shower them with lots of attention and love to make sure that they do not miss their owners. Moreover, we have a huge open air space of about 100 acres, privately owned, where the dogs can run about freely. We also provide fully heated kennels so that the animals are comfortable during winter. The living areas are cleaned, heated and dry. In addition, if it so happens that your dog needs additional attention, you can rest assured that the dog will be taken care of.

The great open space, the food, the constant care and love are what make the kennels in Adlington the best kennels in the area. If you have any further enquiries, do not hesitate to contact us on 01257 791 367. Our helpful staff would be glad to assist you with any enquiries that you have. Please note that for the well-being of our other guests, all dogs must be vaccinated for kennel cough, treated for fleas and dewormed.

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