Reliable Dog Groomers in Charnock Richard

Dog Groomers in Charnock RichardIf you are considering dog groomers in Charnock Richard, you need to search for someone who takes the time to familiarise themselves with your dog. This is quite important as your dog is going to spend a considerable amount of time with the person. You also need to understand the process the groomers will follow to groom your dog. As your dog is going to be washed and brushed by someone they don’t yet know, it makes sense that a relationship between both dog and groomer be established.

In Charnock Richard, dog groomers will start the grooming of your dog by first brushing your dog’s fur. Thereafter they will clip their nails if needed, clean their ears and brush their teeth. This can be done after a bath too, but most groomers will prefer to do this first, as it is best if the bath comes right at the end. Once the dog has had his fur, ears, teeth and nails done, they will be bathed. This is where an established rapport is necessary as many dogs are afraid of water, or are unwilling to be bathed.

All dog groomers in Charnock Richard will tell you that no matter how much dogs may like water, most don’t like the restriction that comes with being bathed. Some dogs dislike the feel of the shampoo used and may try to avoid the whole bathing process. At Talbot House, we understand the importance of treating your dog just as you would treat them, calmly yet firmly, throughout the grooming process. It is vital for a great grooming process to ensure that the dog is calm throughout the experience. A nervous or unhappy dog might not tolerate being groomed. We go out of our way to make your dog calm and comfortable before giving it a treatment fit for royalty. So the next time you are looking for grooming solutions for your pets, you can come down to us for the best grooming your dog deserves.

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