Looking for Kennels in Up Holland?

Looking for Kennels in Up Holland? Are you looking for reliable kennels in Up Holland? Entrusting your pet to another’s care may feel like a tough decision, especially when you consider all the mismanaged kennels that are out there. There may be an occasion where you need to go out of town on business, or you are going out of the country with your family for a vacation and need to house your beloved pooch in temporary care services. You want a place that is neat, clean, professional and passionate about pet care. Where can you find a reliable kennel service?

In Up Holland, kennels at Talbot House Kennels have a stellar reputation for providing world-class kennels and care for pets. Any pets that are left in their care are treated like family members. All of their kennels contain heated sleeping areas with vet bedding which are neat, clean and secure, so you don’t have to worry about your pooch’s sleeping or living conditions. Another common concern about kennels is that some don’t provide animals with exercise. At Talbot House Kennels they have a covered run and weatherproofed place on nearly 100 acres of land. All dogs are provided with daily walks and for extra fun and stimulation a dog play area is dedicated just for those pooches with extra energy. Grooming is also not an issue because at Talbot House Kennels they have a complete on-site grooming service. All of their animals’ dietary requirements are met using dried and tinned food from well known brands such as Pedigree Chum, Eukanuba, Pedigree Complete, Bakers, Winalot, and Butchers. If your pet should fall ill, the facility has access to a veterinary surgeon and medications and dog treatments can be administered by staff at Talbot House.

If you require reliable kennels in Up Holland, give Talbot House Kennels a call. Their rates are £10 per dog and £9 for a pair of dogs sharing. All dogs who do take advantage of their boarding facilities must have a current and updated vaccination certificate and also be wormed, deflead and vaccinated against kennel cough.

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