Kennels in Haydock

Kennels in HaydockDo you require kennels in Haydock? At Talbot House Kennels we have a 100-acre facility for the housing and care of dogs in our kennels and cats in our cattery. Plan your next vacation with peace of mind, secure in the knowledge that your beloved pet will receive affection, nourishment, exercise and care while you are enjoying some well-earned rest and relaxation. We understand that being apart is stressful for both pet and pet owner and we promise to make your pet’s stay a pleasant one.

In Haydock, kennels are available at Talbot House Kennels for your special pup. Whether she is in season or on meds, we will provide her with attentive care and comfort. We offer top branded foods, on-site grooming and a vet on staff. For the cat in your life, our cattery offers clean and heated chalets with hygienic Vetbedding, a full sneeze guard, and covered exercise area. Your dog will enjoy a restful vacation in his clean and heated enclosure with Vetbedding, as well as his covered run. Please make sure your precious pooch is current with her vaccinations including kennel cough and is free of fleas and worms. For your feline, vaccinations, no fleas, no worms.

Kennels in Haydock book quickly, so be sure to make your reservation early. As with people, pets require a change of scenery once in a while. At Talbot House Kennels, we take pride in providing our animal friends with a positive vacation experience. Our friendly staff of animal lovers will interact with your pet, enabling him to safely explore his new environment, with all of its sights and scents. Perhaps before his stay comes to a close, you would like your dog to be groomed by one of our gentle technicians. We’ll have him refreshed and ready to greet you when you return. Reserve a boarding kennel today and you’ll have no worries, except maybe how you’re going to look in that swimsuit!

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