Kennels in Wigan

Kennels in Wigan If you are looking for kennels in Wigan, Talbot House Kennels can help. We never like leaving our pets, after all they are an important part of our family, but sometimes we can’t take them with us. We look for superior care for our children when we must leave them and we do the same for our pets. After all they are members of your family, you wouldn’t think of doing anything less. Talbot House Kennels recognises this and offers more than just a place to take your pet when you must leave them. At Talbot House Kennels all of their staff are animal lovers and they’ll make sure your pet gets comfortable accommodations, regular feedings and some cuddles too.

Wigan kennels at Talbot House Kennels provides clean, heated, individual sleeping areas. They have a covered run that is set in 100 acres of private land. Every day your dog will get to go for a walk and enjoy the doggy play area. Some dogs have tons of energy and we’ll make sure it’s used up. Talbot House Kennels can even accommodate those dogs who are in heat. In case of an emergency they have quick access to a local vet and there is no problem giving your dog medication if they need it.

Talbot House kennels in Wigan are really reasonably priced. £10 per night for one dog or £9 each per night for two dogs sharing a kennel. They understand a two dog household might like to keep their dogs together. They’ll even give them a bath before they go home for just £10 and if your dog needs grooming or clipping the prices are very reasonable. Talbot House Kennels prides itself on the comfortable dog boarding kennels they provide. Fido will think they’ve gone off to their own vacation. Check out the gallery pictures on their website, which you can find here. Having to leave your pets behind can be hard. None of us want to do this, but sometimes we have no choice. If that’s your situation why not give Talbot House Kennels?

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