Looking for Kennels in Coppul?

Kennels in CoppulAre you going out of town and are worried about finding reliable kennels in Coppul for your pet golden retriever?  Caring for pets is similar to caring for young children. You want to ensure that you leave them in the best of care when you have to head to work or go out of town. Unfortunately some kennels have a terrible reputation for being dirty, unhygienic and neglectful. This is what worries most pet owners when they know they have to leave their beloved pet in a kennel. Where can you find a reliable and reputable kennel?

In Coppul, kennels provided by Talbot House Kennels & Cattery have a good reputation for providing secure and comfortable accommodations for pets. All of their kennels contain individually-heated sleeping areas with tidy and clean vet bedding. For exercise and mental stimulation, Talbot House Kennels also provides a 100 acre covered and weatherproofed run set where daily walks and running opportunities are provided. For dogs with lots of energy, a doggy play section is also provided. You also need not worry about your golden retriever’s hair brushing because an onsite grooming service will ensure that your pet’s hair and nails are kept trim and tidy. Worried about what you precious pooch will be fed? At Talbot House Kennels dried and tinned food from reputable brands are used such as Eukanuba, Winalot, Pedigree Complete, Pedigree Chum and Bakers. For any pet emergencies, staffs at Talbot House Kennels have immediate access to a veterinary surgeon and are also able to administer medications.

If you need to head out of town and are having a hard time finding reliable kennels in Coppul, then give Talbot House Kennels a call. Their rates are reasonable at £10 per dog or £9 each if two dogs are sharing. They also request that all dogs that are housed at the kennel should have an up-to-date vaccination certificate, and be wormed and deflead. Apart from kennels, Talbot House Kennels also provides grooming, cattery and caravan storage.

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