Kennels In Charnock Richard

Kennels In Charnock RichardKennels in Charnock Richard are a boon from heaven for pet-owners who are struggling with the idea of leaving their pets behind for any period of time. Our pets mean the world to us and leaving them alone at home is never easy to digest. Imagine being forced to leave them for a longer duration and relying on a neighbour to come in and take care of them! Sure, they might feed your dog or cat but they can never provide them with the love and care you do when you are around. Life doesn’t stop for you just because you have a pet that needs your attention so you can only do the next best thing for your four-legged love bugs – find them a home away from home!

In Charnock Richard, kennels like Talbot House provide a wonderful and safe setting for your pet. Completely secure and extremely comfortable, these kennels are designed to give your pet the comfort they experience at home. Each kennel comes with an individually heated sleeping area while the entire surroundings, and bedding area, is kept clean and spotless. Each kennel has its own vet bedding and the kennel is connected to a weatherproof, and connected, run set. That run set happens to be in the middle of about 100 acres of private land, which means that your little furry friend will have the time of their lives out in the wonderful outdoors.

At the Talbot House kennels in Charnock Richard, we have a loving and caring family-run setup where every single member of the staff cares for your animals like you would. We ensure regular walks and extra activities for those with a little more energy than the rest. There’s also a full-service grooming centre while our kitchen ensures that we can take care of any special dietary needs your dogs might have too. Local veterinary support also helps us provide timely medications to your dogs, should there be a need to do so. We know that you love your dogs and want to spend as much time as possible with them. However, we are forced to leave them behind at times and when that situation arises, you can rest assured that Talbot House will take great care of your furry family. We may not be able to replace your presence in their lives, but we can certainly ease the pain of your temporary absence!

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