Kennels in Euxton

Kennels in Euxton How do you choose kennels in Euxton? You may be planning a family holiday or a business trip. It may not always be feasible or affordable to take along pets as hotels sometimes have a no-pet policy. In such cases, you may wish to leave your dog with a professional kennel service. Where can I find a reliable kennel service in Euxton? Leaving behind pets can be a stressful experience for owners. How can you find the right kennel service for your dog? One of the major considerations while choosing a kennel is cleanliness. Visit the premises and see if you are satisfied with the layout, space and hygiene. Try talking to other dog owners and pet lovers. They will suggest reliable kennel services near your area. It’s also important that the kennel should be run by kind and considerate people who understand animals. You want your dog to be treated well so look for a reputed service that values animal welfare.

Dog owners in Euxton may wish to visit leading kennels before making a decision. Talbot House Kennels and Cattery is proud to offer their 100 acres of private land and comfortable pet accommodation. When you tour a kennel service, see that you select one that is well-lit, odour-free and staffed by diligent, trained staff. The premises should offer adequate space for dogs to walk around. Talbot House offers heated kennels (for added comfort during winter) as well as high quality pet food.

When you visit kennels in Euxton, make sure you inform the staff about the food, diet or any other pet requirements that they should know about. Also have a closer look at how pets are divided up; it could be according to size, age or temperament. The important thing is that the kennel service should be warm and genuinely welcoming to pets. Talbot House is also happy to provide access to veterinary services if your dog requires medical attention. For more details, contact Talbot House Kennels and Cattery on 01257 791 367

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