Cat Grooming Service in Burscough

Cat Grooming Service in BurscoughWe recently provided our cat grooming service in Burscough for a client who lived alone with their pet, and wanted to show just how much they loved them. A beloved cat is more than a pet, it becomes a member of the family. That’s why our client came to Talbot House. They knew that we love animals just as much as they do. Having used our cattery service before, they decided to treat their cat to a luxury grooming session that was very competitively priced.

Our Burscough cat grooming service is suitable for cats of any age, and of all varieties. Our professional groomers are highly trained pet lovers and have a wealth of experience. They know how to make cats feel at ease, an essential quality before the grooming session begins. There’s a wide range of treatments available, so you can tailor the service to meet your individual cat’s needs. Services range from shampooing and blow drys, to nail clipping, matted hair removal, eye cleaning and ear plucking. Your cat won’t just look younger, it will feel better too. Customers who have used our cat and dog grooming service often comment how much happier their pet seems afterwards.

The cat grooming service in Burscough provides practical as well as aesthetic benefits. Our customer’s cat had been making the most of the hot summer weather, by exploring his neighbourhood. Like all intrepid explorers, they had ended up covered in dust and mud, and the fur had become matted in places. Bathing a cat yourself can be very difficult, and even the friendliest cat can scratch and bite when it feels a bath or shower approaching. Our bathing and shampooing service soon had the cat looking as good as new, and the cat remained happy throughout the treatment. All of our shampoos and treatments are animal friendly, and safe for use around both cats and dogs. If your cat could do with a good clean up, or a general smartening up, then give us a call today.

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