Cat Grooming Service In Adlington

Cat Grooming Service In AdlingtonOne of the questions that we get asked about our cat grooming service in Adlington is what benefits will it bring to my cat? As professional groomers of both cats and dogs, we know the positive differences it can makes. We have a wealth of experience in looking after and grooming pets, at our Talbot House cattery and kennels, so we’re always happy to answer any questions and put minds at ease. Our expert advice is only ever a phone call away.

Our Adlington cat grooming service is perfect for people who like to put their cats first. They bring a lot of joy into our lives, so why not show them how much they really mean? If you’ve ever treated yourself to a pampering session at a spa or beauty parlour, you’ll know how good you feel at the end of it. Worries melt away, and you feel like you’re walking on air. Cats are emotional creatures too, as every loving cat owner knows. You can sense when they’re happy, and when they’re sad. A pampering session can make your cat feel great, just in the same way that beauty treatments can affect your mood. It’s a change that you’ll notice as soon as you get your cat home. That’s why many clients who use our cat and dog grooming services bring their pets to us time and time again.

There’s more to our cat grooming service in Adlington than creating a contented kitty, however. They’ll look younger, however old they are, and there’s another factor that’s even more important. One of the biggest potential benefits of cat grooming is to their health. If you’ve ever tried to wash a cat you can end up with more water on you than on them, and it can be traumatic for all concerned. Bathing is, however, important for their physical well being. A bath, shampoo and blow dry will free up matted and tangled fur, and can wash away irritants or foreign bodies that have become trapped there. Our staff are trained in cat bathing, and it’s carried out in a way that will be as pleasant as possible for your pet. To arrange a grooming session, from bathing to nail clipping, phone our friendly team today on  01257 791 367.

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