How Do I Prepare My Cats To Stay In A Cattery In Burscough?

Cattery In BurscoughPreparing your cats to leave home and stay in a cattery in Burscough can be quite tough. The change in environment, the absence of the usual caretakers can be stressful, not to mention scary. Whether you are planning a short holiday or you have to go on a business trip, knowing that your cat is in good hands is important. There are many advantages to leaving your cat in a boarding cattery: it will have companions -both cats and human- and will probably settle in quite fast.

In Burscough, our cattery is designed specifically with the cat’s comfort in mind. Talbot House, which is a registered company, is run by animal enthusiasts who will make sure that the cats feel at home during their stay at the boarding cattery. We have a huge space on the outskirts of the city just to care for the animals under our care. The cats will be provided with a wide variety of branded foods. The chalets are specially designed for our furry friends and they are insulated and heated making sure that the area where the cat will spend most of its time is kept warm and cosy as well as healthy. On top of that, the cats will have plenty of space outdoors where they can strut in the sun and lie down in the warm sunrays. If your cat needs medication, you can be assured that they will be administered their medications on time and in the event that they get sick, there is a vet who is readily available in the neighbourhood. Talbot House has a groomer to take care of our feline little friends making sure that they are washed, brushed and fluffed.

For any additional information regarding our cattery in Burscough do not hesitate to contact us. We are long-standing animal lovers and we will make sure that while your cat is staying with us, they will feel at home.

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