Enquiry For Dog kennels In Chorley

Enquiry For Dog kennels In Chorley


When you have an Enquiry For Dog kennels In Chorley it is important to ensure that the ones you eventually choose are run by genuine animal lovers. `Your dog is part of the family and it is completely natural to worry about his safety when you are far from home. This is why discerning dog owners in the area choose Talbot House Kennels and Cattery for all their dog boarding needs.

In Chorley enquiry for boarding kennels is answered efficiently and knowledgeably by the experienced staff at Talbot House. Offering superb quality comfortable accommodation for your pet in a secure and spacious environment, all kennels have individually heated sleeping areas. In addition, they provide vet treated bedding as well as a covered and weatherproofed run set in acres of private land.

When you call with your enquiry for dog kennels in Chorley, be sure to ask about the dedicated play area and daily walks which are provided as part of the service at Talbot House. No matter how energetic and bold or quiet and timid your pet is, Talbot House will take care of him expertly until your return.

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