Sourcing A Cat Groomers Service In Preston

Sourcing A Cat Groomers Service In Preston


Are you interested in Sourcing A Cat Groomers Service In Preston? Whether your feline friend is a looking scruffy; is in need of a little maintenance or you just wish to give him a treat, he will enjoy the grooming service provided by Talbot House Boarding Kennels. Based in over 100 acres of beautiful Worthington countryside, this Standish based Kennels and Cattery enjoys a superb local reputation. Many of its clients will not even book a holiday before securing a place within Talbot House for their pets to board.

In Preston sourcing a cat groomers service which is thorough and professional is easy when you visit Talbot House. With over 20 years experience in cat and dog grooming, even nervous pets find it easy to relax during their pampering sessions at Talbot House. Offering a fully tailored grooming service based on the specific needs of your cat, you can rest assured that he is in the safest and most experienced of hands.

So when sourcing a cat groomers service in Preston, call 01257 791 367/07979 877 564 for details. Their grooming service includes – baths, blow drying, shampooing, nail clipping, nail care, ear plucking and eye cleaning. Cats and their owners alike love the care they receive at Talbot House.

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