Looking For Cat Grooming In Horwich

Looking For Cat Grooming In Horwich


If you are Looking For Cat Grooming In Horwich there is only one place to go – Talbot house Kennels and Cattery. You may think that your cat will be perfectly fine grooming itself – of course this is a famous feline trait. Most cats spend hours preening every day without any encouragement at all! However taking your cat to be professionally and expertly groomed has many benefits – their coats will be healthier and grooming is also a perfect time to check for any signs of illness.

When you are in Horwich looking for cat grooming, Talbot House is foremost in their field. Regular grooming is great for improving the muscle tone and the circulation of your moggy. It is also useful for smoothing the fur thus insulating the body far more efficiently. Add this tothe fact that grooming helps distribute natural oils through the coat, keeping it healthy and waterproofed and you will see why it is so very important.

When you are looking for cat grooming in Horwivh, do bear in mind that the earlier in life your cat gets used to being groomed the easier it will be, however don’t let this deter you from bringing in an older matted moggy. Call Talbot House today for more information on 01257 791 367/07979 877 564.

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