Find A Cattery In Wigan

Find A Cattery In Wigan


For anyone looking to Find A Cattery in Wigan it is important to source one which has a good reputation locally. There are also other practical questions to consider. Is the cattery secure enough that your pet will not wander off or escape? Will your pet be comfortable and warm enough? Is the cattery hygienic? Is there an on call vet in case of illness? Will there be space for your pet to play and to exercise? Are the staff sensible and are they animal lovers? Does the cattery make provision for cats with specific requirements?

In Wigan find a cattery which meets all the above and more when you entrust your pet to the caring staff at Talbot House Boarding Kennels. Family owned and run and set amid some beautiful Worthington countryside, Talbot House welcomes back family pets year after year such are their excellent services.

So next time you are looking to find a cattery in Wigan, give Talbot House a try. With  fully heated  and specially designed cat chalets there is plenty of space to accommodate your feline friends in perfect comfort. Call, visit or take a look at their informative website today for details on the cattery, kennels, grooming services and more.

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