Dog Groomers near Chorley – Professional and Efficient

Dog Groomers near Chorley Give your pet a fresh new look with our dog groomers near Chorley. Many people are diligent in washing their dogs once or twice a week. Yet, others have such busy schedules that their pets seem neglected. Washing your dog is a wonderful bonding activity. Yet, if you are not thorough, you may not wash your dog properly. Some dogs have thick fur while others have thin but water-resistant coats. Your wash is not effective if your shampoo and water cannot reach your dog’s skin. Most dog shampoos have substances that deter or kill pests on the skin under the fur. A thorough wash will leave your dog pest free and looking excellent. If your dog is still itchy after you wash it, you should consider professional grooming.

We are professional dog and cat groomers with a passion for animal health and wellbeing. Near Chorley, our dog groomers are dedicated to their work. We use a holistic yet detailed approach to ensure your pet’s grooming and styling suits its size and character. We groom dogs to highlight their beauty and make them easier to wash. The wet dog smell can linger if your dog has excessive fur. Trimming the fur is a specialised service we offer as part of our dog grooming packages. Your dog will enjoy regular washes if you can take it for professional grooming monthly.

Our dog groomers near Chorley are well-trained to care for your pets. We use high-quality, friendly shampoos that are harsh on pests but gentle on your dog. We give every dog a thorough wash and appropriate styling. We also clip nails and provide eye care where necessary. We will brush and dry your dog before releasing it back to you. Your dog will look clean, fresh and stunning when we finish. Contact Talbot House Kennels today if you need professional dog grooming services. We also offer comfortable dog accommodation in high-quality kennels with lots of recreational space on 100-acres of private land.

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