Luxury Kennels near Westhoughton, the Ideal Choice for Your Fur Baby

Luxury Kennels near WesthoughtonPamper your furry friend with a stay-cation at our luxury kennels near Westhoughton. We understand how difficult it is for you to leave your furry friend. Perhaps you have planned a holiday, or you need hospitalization, having a baby, or you expect visitors who don’t share your love for animals. Whatever the reason, your focus should be to find the perfect accommodation for your pet. Our facility is run by a family of committed animal enthusiasts. Our kennels and cattery are located in the scenic and expansive countryside of North Wigan. The clean, unpolluted air, healthy environment, excellent accommodation and lifestyle can’t be matched anywhere else in the region.

For your furry friend near Westhoughton, the luxury kennels that we provide offer all comforts. They are fully heated, sturdily built and very safe. The individually heated sleeping areas are clean and hygienic, with vet-recommended bedding in place. They have a connecting weatherproof run that is covered. Set in more than 100 acres of private farmland, the facility offers a much-needed break from the stresses of urban life. We provide regular daily walks and playtime in the specially designed play area. You can also use our full grooming and care services on site. If your lady dog is in season, we can accommodate her, and ensure that she stays protected and safe.

A highly reputed and trained local vet is on call when you leave your dog at our luxury kennels near Westhoughton. Contact Talbot House Kennels and find out more about our luxury kennels. In addition, we provide a healthy diet of tinned food manufactured by some of the world’s leading pet food brands. Furthermore, our price rates are very competitive and tailored to suit most budgets. We suggest that you visit us a few times before you leave your precious pet with us. This helps us to understand your concerns. You get a good idea of the facilities, care and features of our place. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from delighted clients. If your pet could speak, he or she would be sure to tell you how much they enjoyed staying with us.

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