Cat Grooming near Haigh, Ideal for Your Precious fur Baby

Cat Grooming near HaighProfessional cat grooming near Haigh should be part of a regular routine for your cat. Although cats do bathe themselves all the time, it is good practice to rely on a professional cat grooming service for excellent results. A professional grooming service for cats covers all the aspects that you are likely to forego. An experienced cat groomer includes a number of aspects during the grooming session. Combing or brushing the cat is first on the list. By brushing a cat, the excess and loose fur is removed. This prevents the cat from ingesting it when they lick themselves. Ingesting their own fur means that they could develop fur balls. This, unfortunately, often results in surgery to have them removed.

Brushing also untangles the fur, especially in long-haired cats. Near Haigh, cat grooming can include bathing your cat. While the idea of a cat having a bath may seem strange, it offers numerous benefits. A bath can be an opportunity to use flea repellent safely and easily. It also removes excess grime and dirt. Cat groomers can also cut your cat’s nails during a grooming session. Trimming a cat’s claws helps them walk properly. Cats are digitigrades. This means that they walk on their toes. On the subject of trimming, a cat grooming session may include trimming his fur. Regular brushing keeps it neat and clean, but trimming can remove any tangles or matted fur.

Cat grooming near Haigh is an essential part of caring for your cat. We’re happy to offer our expert cat grooming services for your fur baby. In addition, our cat grooming services include ear care. Your cat ill have his ears professionally and gently cleaned. Our cat grooming services include utter attention from our professionals. They will ensure that your cat receives all necessary treatment and attention to ensure he is his beautiful fluffy self. For more details about our cat grooming services, contact Talbot House Kennels today. Your kitty is welcome to have his grooming session while he is boarding at our cattery. Alternatively, give us a ring to schedule his grooming session.

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