Cat Boarding Near Westhoughton, Perfect Home Away from Home

Cat Boarding Near WesthoughtonChoose our excellent  cat boarding near Westhoughton and you won’t have a moment’s anxiety or worry.Your precious furry friend will be as safe, comfortable and well-cared-for as she or he is at home. Located in the charming countryside setting of Worthington, in North Wigan, Talbot House Kennels provides a safe, clean home for your kitty. The facilities have been purpose-designed by a professional cattery company. We also have double sized chalets for a pair or a family of cats if you want to board them with us. This means they’ll always be together with cats they know and are comfortable with.

As with any other place, near Westhoughton, cat boarding facilities must be chosen carefully. We know what an important decision this is. Many pet parents avoid going on holidays or even for a weekend because they’re not sure whether kitty will be properly cared for. We recommend that you visit our facility as many times as you like to reassure yourself about it and the quality of care provided. In fact, the best time to find the right place is when you don’t really need it. That way, you avoid making disastrous mistakes when you’re forced to take the first available one in a crisis. You may need emergency medical care or hospitalisation, or you may have house-guests who are allergic to cat hair.

Ensure that the cat boarding near Westhoughton is licensed and insured. This helps you to know that certain standards are in place regarding accommodation, feeding, exercise, protection from infection, safety and emergency care. The quality and experience of the staff is another prime consideration. Look for the kind of interaction between the staff and the boarders and make sure you’re satisfied with the routines. Contact Talbot House Kennels for more information on our cat boarding facilities. As a family of cat enthusiasts, we are delighted to welcome a new friend to our home. Along with lots of love and cuddles, we also offer onsite grooming services, and regular food, play and exercise.

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