Looking for Affordable Kennel Costs near Billinge for Your Pet’s Stay?

kennel costs in BillingeKennel costs near Billinge will vary from one kennel to another. At Talbot House Kennels, our rates are £12 for one dog or £22 for two dogs sharing per night. We accept all breeds. Our prices are complete and free of extra charges unless you want to add grooming and clipping. Grooming costs vary by breed. That is the cost for your dog to enjoy lots of attention and exercise according to the dog’s needs. We have a huge exercise/play area where dogs are safe. The kennels are heated and fitted out with vet bedding. We serve high quality food and fresh water is always available. Our clean and well-maintained dog runs are waterproofed. We have a vet on call should a health emergency present itself. If your dog is on medication, we will administer that for you.

Our kennel is safely situated on 100 acres of natural beauty. Near Billinge, kennel costs comparisons should be made like for like. The cheapest may be the least desirable and have the most add on costs. Likewise, the most expensive may not offer the best care, comfort and safety for your dog. Therefore, when price shopping for kennel care, be sure to compare apples to apples. Your dog does not care about cute canine decor so look past any of that and focus on safety, care and comfort. Talbot House Kennels is owned and operated by a family of animal lovers. Your dog will enjoy plenty of snuggles, ear scratches and belly rubs. We want the dogs to feel secure and trusting.

When you are comparing kennel costs near Billinge, take your own peace of mind into consideration. We know it’s not easy to leave your dog while you’re away from home for work or holiday. We invite you to contact us and take a tour of our facility and observe our daily operations. If you are comfortable with what you see you will enjoy your time away much more knowing your dog is well cared for. If you are not welcomed past the reception area of any kennel you visit, you have to wonder why. So don’t even consider that facility. We welcome dogs and their families to our all-inclusive but very affordable happy place for your dog.

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