Dog Kennels in Coppull

Dog Kennels in CoppullWhen considering dog kennels in Coppull for your pooch think of the comforts your dog enjoys at home; then call us at Talbot House Kennels. Those home comforts are the reason some leave their pup at home when they travel. They choose to have a neighbour look in twice a day to feed and walk their dog. Another reason they choose neighbours for their dog care is to save money. Don’t be fooled by that kind of thinking. Most of us have heard the horror stories; the puppy slipped out, and the neighbour didn’t know it or the clever dog waited for the door to open, then bolted and never returned. How about when the neighbour lets the dog out into your fenced yard and forgets about him? All that’s left when neighbour returns is a tunnel under the fence.

Friends and neighbours mean well but the care of your dog is not part of their usual routine so they miss signs of trouble and forget about the dog. In Coppull, dog kennels are easy to find but only Talbot House Kennels cares for your hairy friend as you would. Our dog kennels are owned and operated by animal lovers nestled on our private 100 acres. There is plenty of room for our long daily walks and a huge secure play area just for dogs. We will likely have your dog’s favourite brand of food, wet and dry. Your dog will have his or her own clean and heated sleeping area with comfortable bedding. The kennels are connected to a weatherproof run so they can safely go out at will. Snuggles, belly rubs, ear scratches and cheery chat are plentiful.

Here at Talbot House Kennels in Coppull, we take such good care of your dog, it may be better than home. Don’t worry though, when you return your dog will be ecstatic to see you. We have a dog grooming service on site. You can make an appointment and we will have your fur baby bathed and sweet smelling for your arrival. Dogs are pack animals and being alone for long periods of time is stressful for them. Contact Talbot House before your next trip out of town. Our prices are reasonable and you will enjoy your time away knowing your dog is safe, well cared for and not alone. You and your dog are welcome to tour our facility. All dogs are welcome as long as their immunisations are up to date.

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