Boarding for Cats in Orrell

Boarding for Cats in OrrellYou need to think about boarding for cats in Orrell if you are planning a much needed holiday with your family.  When you are on your holidays, what is happening with your pets? Are they safe and happy? If they are not with us then you cannot be sure about their health and well being. The last thing you need after a relaxing holiday is to come home and find your pet missing. There are often problems when relying on friends to feed and care for your animals while you are away. They may forget or not have the time to get to your house every day to clean the litter box and feed and water your cat. Your cat may decide that it has been abandoned and look for somewhere else to live.

Make the right choice for your beloved pet when you go away. In Orrell, boarding for cats is taken very seriously.  We make sure that they are well cared for in our specially designed cattery.  We used a specialist cattery company to design the most delightful and practical chalets for our cat customers. These double sized chalets can accommodate two or more cats from the same family so that your cat can spend its holiday with its friends. Each chalet is fully heated and comes complete with a sneeze barrier to avoid infectious diseases spreading amongst the residents. The bedding, food water and litter boxes are changed frequently.

We offer boarding for cats in Orrell. Contact Talbot House Kennels today to book your pet in for a stay. Our dog kennels while on the same property are not in immediate proximity to the cattery as many cats are innerved by dogs so close to them. We make sure that your cat has the best food to eat and there is a run adjoining the sleeping area where they can play. We are experienced at giving medicine to any animal that needs a daily dose of chronic medication. Our staff love animals and spend a lot of time with the pets.

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