Dog Grooming Service in Appley Bridge

Dog Grooming Service in Appley BridgeA dog grooming service in Appley Bridge will be much appreciated by both dog and owner alike this summer. Do you have a dog with long or thick hair? As the weather gets warmer it is always a good idea to have it trimmed or clipped for your dog’s comfort. With summer also comes more play time and walks, which in turn brings more dirt and mud back home with your dog. A good scrub may be just what they need. Longer haired dogs also get knots and tangles more easily, and a professional dog groomers can efficiently tend to these if you don’t have the patient to work through all the mess yourself. Perhaps your dog is just a lover of bath time and you want to spoil them.

Whatever your reasons in Appley Bridge, dog grooming service specialists at Talbot House Kennels are ready to treat your dog. We are a family of animal enthusiasts and will professionally and lovingly groom your dog for you. He or she will look like a million bucks after a session with us, and is guaranteed to feel like it too. Our grooming service includes all the trimmings and is so much more than just a doggie bath. As well as a shampooing your dog will be treated to a blow dry, hair clipping and trimming, nail clipping, eye cleaning and ear plucking for a complete clean and makeover. Our prices are fantastically affordable but do vary according to the breed of dog.

If you also have a cat, why not bring them along for your next dog grooming service in Appley Bridge? We offer cat grooming as well, and will help even the most hydrophobic cat have a good cleaning. If you’re planning a holiday soon, why not book your pets into our kennels for a holiday of their own? As well as our luxury grooming and brushing they will spoilt with play time, frequent walks, top quality pet food and plenty of affection and cuddles. Contact Talbot House Kennels to find out more about our dog grooming service.

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