Dog Boarding in Burscough

Dog Boarding in BurscoughHere at Talbot House Kennels, we understand that dog boarding in Burscough gets almost as much scrutiny as choosing a preschool for your child. We understand because we are a family of animal lovers too. Our pets play an important role in our family life and we all want the best for them. Our dog boarding kennel can withstand scrutiny and we invite you to come and visit before deciding on boarding your dog when you are away from home. We provide the same care for your dog we would want for our own. Our guests are safe, warm, comfortable, well fed, always fresh water and plenty of exercise. They get a good long walk every day and we have a safe outdoor doggie play area.

Talbot House Kennels is on 100 acres which gives us a nice buffer from the threats of civilisation but that alone is not enough to ensure safety. For our dogs in Burscough, dog boarding guests have a kennel all their own that is heated and secure. The individual kennels connect to covered and fenced dog runs so your pet can safely go in and out at will. The kennel bedding is comfy and warm so your dog will sleep well and joints are protected. Next to playtime, a dog’s favourite activity is eating. Fresh and nutritious food is plentiful, and, and it’s somebody’s job to keep those water bowls filled. Our pups are a happy lot that enjoy plenty of attention. Caregivers are in and out and about talking to the dogs and giving ear scratches and tummy rubs as they go.

We know dog boarding in Burscough is sometimes hard on the dog owner. At Talbot House, we want to ease as much of your anxiety as we can. That’s why we welcome your visits and questions. Contact Talbot House Kennels when you are needing a dog boarding kennel. With us, you can be confident that while you are away your dog is being well cared for. If you choose, we can have one of our staff groomers bathe, brush and clip in all the right places so you can come home to a beautiful or handsome best friend. Our groomers are well trained and so good with dogs who have objections to smelling nice.

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