Cattery in Ormskirk

Cattery in OrmskirkDo you need a kennel or a cattery in Ormskirk to provide love and care for your pets while you are away? Perhaps you are planning a holiday getaway, or perhaps you need to have an operation and will be in hospital for several days. It does not really matter the reason, if you need to leave your pets in the care of others, you need to be sure they are well looked after. Any parent knows; if there is any uncertainty in the care for and safety of your children – human or fur covered – you cannot relax. Anxiety and panic set in and cannot be quelled until all uncertainty is removed and we are one hundred and ten percent sure that they are safe and happy.

In Ormskirk, cattery and kennel facilities at Talbot House will put your mind at ease, allowing you to relax and focus on what you need to. Just as every child has their own personality and needs, so too does every animal. Understanding those needs and providing love and security in a safe environment is what Talbot House does best. All the chalets and kennels have been designed with the comfort and care of your pets in mind. Insulated and heated sleeping areas to ensure they are warm and snug. Sleeping areas are joined to a covered play area where the cats have free roaming access but are still in a safe and secure environment. There is swift access to a local vet, who can assist with any emergency in a hurry as well as administer any medications, chronic or otherwise. All animals can be groomed daily, or not at all, depending on your requests.

The cattery in Ormskirk at Talbot House also offers safe long-term caravan storage. You can arrive with your pets, and depart for your holiday directly. Arriving back from holiday, you can park your caravan and pick up your pets. No additional traveling, no unnecessary time that your animals need to spend without you. Situated on a large private estate they will enjoy peace and tranquility and not be stressed by city noises and cramped spaces. For more information about a tranquil cattery, contact Talbot House.

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