Cattery in Leyland

cattery inn LeylandA cattery inn Leyland is provided at Talbot House. We know many cat owners believe that cats are fine left home alone when the family takes a holiday. Probably that is true if it is only for a day or two, but any longer and your cat may suffer anxiety and discomfort. You can leave enough food and water out so the cat does not starve. However, the food and water loses its freshness when left out for long periods of time just as yours does. Your fastidious feline does not care for a filthy litter box any more than you would like a disgusting bathroom. While cats are sure footed and independent, they can still become injured or ill. That would be a tragic event, especially if the animal was alone for several days.

In Leyland, cattery at Talbot House are clean and the cats well cared for. They get attention and snuggles as well as fresh food and water. Talbot House is in a quiet rural area safe from traffic and secure from other danger. Having people and other animals around protects them from feelings of abandonment.  It is common for families to have a neighbour look in on their home alone  cat daily to make sure his or her highness is well. Cats may not behave in a predictable manner in such circumstances. They are quick to bolt through the opened door as if they had just been waiting for such an opportunity. They may return home but not always.

The Talbot House cattery in Leyland is a safe alternative when your family takes a holiday. While here, your feline family member can be groomed. Our groomers will bathe and brush them. Long hair cats get matted and knotted which is uncomfortable for the cat. They do well with being shaved down in hot months. Leave your cat with us at Talbot house while you are on holiday and return to a happy well-groomed cat. You will both enjoy your holiday more without the worry about your furry family member. Grooming is available throughout the year to non-guest cats and dogs. If you are looking for a cattery, contact Talbot house Kennels and Cattery.

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