Cat Grooming in Lowton

cat grooming in LowtonYou will welcome cat grooming in Lowton at Talbot House Kennels and Cattery if you have ever tried to give your cat a bath. Cats are treated as special at Talbot House by experienced groomers who know how best to handle cats. Cats groom themselves pretty well but occasionally they need some help. If your cat resists your attempts to brush daily or weekly then hair matts can form. If neglected, they can be painful and may need to be cut out. To cut down on the profusive shedding by long hair cats during hot weather, some cat owners have their cats shaved. They may leave a lion mane about the neck and a puff on the end of their tail.

In Lowton, cat grooming is not done by all pet groomers. You may find the local dog groomer does not do cats. Cat grooming calls for some specialised training. Unless your cat willingly allows you to shampoo her, trim her nails and clean her eyes and ears you will need a professional groomer. Talbot House cat groomers take great care when handling your cat. Their facility is cat friendly and safe from canine disturbances. The groomers are comfortable bathing and blow drying your cat. They know how to safely trim nails without causing pain. Soothing techniques allow the groomers to manage uncooperative felines.

Cat Grooming in Lowton is only one service offered at Talbot House Kennels and Cattery. The next time you need to be away from home for a day or two, your cat can enjoy a stay at the cattery chalets. Talbot House offers everything for the comfort of your cat. You will find warm sleeping areas, adjoining covered runs and sneeze barriers to protect your cat’s health. Larger chalets are available if you have several cats that need to be kept together. This is a good time to schedule a grooming appointment.  One benefit of cat grooming is the groomer is in a unique position to alert you to scratches, skin conditions, nail or ear problems that may need attention from your vet. For more informaton about cat grooming, contact Talbot House.

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