Safe Caravan Storage in Appley Bridge

Caravan Storage in Appley BridgeThe reason caravan storage in Appley Bridge is so safe and secure is that no-one would believe that a kennel and cattery makes provision for caravan storage. Situated in Worthington and offering their services to the North West, they offer secure caravan storage at the most affordable rates. If you own a caravan and don’t have the means to store it at home, you’ll want to know what kind of storage would best suit your caravan when you’re not touring with it. Talbot House Kennels may well welcome dog and cat owners to their beautiful, countryside set-up, but they also welcome those looking to store their caravans safely when they are not in use.

In Appley Bridge, caravan storage is about knowing your caravan or motor home is securely protected. Talbot House Kennels offers safe and secure caravan storage in an enclosed yard with a locked gate. No would-be thief would dream that kennels store caravans, and for a reasonable sum of just £5 a week, you can store your caravan on hard ground knowing it will be there when you need it.

Caravan storage in Appley Bridge is ideal for people who are going away with their caravan and who want to also board their cats and dogs at the same time. How convenient to fetch your caravan from its safe storage and book your beloved four-legged family member into these loving and caring facilities where their every need is met while you’re away. Offering warm, dry and comfortable accommodation for your pets, just like your caravan, your dogs and cats will be returned to you in the same good health as when they arrived. If you require more information about safe and affordable caravan storage, contact Talbot House Kennels.

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