Looking for Kennels in Lowton?

Kennels in LowtonAre you planning to go away on holiday and you’re looking for kennels in Lowton? Your four-legged friends may be welcome in some hotels, resorts and B&Bs but most of them don’t allow pets on their premises. So though you’re heartbroken about leaving your doggies or kitties behind, the next best alternative is to find a safe, clean, comfortable and home-like place for them. Do your research early and don’t leave things till the last moment. The best method is through personal recommendations and referrals from trusted friends, family or co-workers. Your vet can be a good source of information and in fact, many of them do run their own boarding kennels. Pet shops or pet food stores are a good place to ask about kennels, since kennel owners purchase supplies from them.

In Lowton, there are a number of kennels to choose from. Once you have a few names, call up each facility and make a personal visit. Select kennels nearby so that you don’t have to make a long commute before and after your holiday. Local ones are also more likely to use local parks and grounds to exercise their wards and these may be places your own pet is familiar with. Before making a visit, keep a list of questions ready that you want to ask, like supplying your own pet food, exercise, separating aggressive animals, who is in charge and is someone on the spot 24×7. You may also have concerns about the other animals in the kennel and whether they have been immunized and are free of ticks and fleas. The place should be fresh, dry and clean and kennels should not have bent wires, sharp edges, torn plaster or damp patches in the sleeping or play areas.

Kennels in Lowton may or may not be in a position to take in elderly or disabled pets Good, well-established kennels like Talbot House Kennels can provide satisfactory answers. While touring the facility, make sure it’s not over crowded. Ask about play times and exercise and share information about your own pet’s needs. Once you’ve found the right place, ask about rates and timings. Take your pet along and get him accustomed before you leave for a hassle free vacation! ¬†Contact Talbot House Kennels today for more information.

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