Yes! There Are Excellent Kennels in Golborne

Kennels in GolborneThe first time you leave your pet at kennels in Golborne can be nerve wrecking but you will find that once you have left your pets in the right hands, you will have peace of mind while you are away. When you leave your canine friends with us at Talbot House Kennels, you will see that your pet will be taken care in every possible way. For instance, they will have their meals on time, your pets will enjoy the great open space and on top of that, they will meet other canine friends and they will soon forget how sad they were on the first day they came.

In Golborne, kennels, or rather, hotels for dogs can be a tad bit hard to find, therefore, as a reputable small hotel for pets, we would love to offer our help. We understand that you can’t always leave your pets with the parents or with your friends, catering for a pet can be time-consuming and it also requires you to be alert at all times. We have the solution to your problems, our staff members not only love animals but they are here to make sure that they are fed properly, that they are living in clean quarters and that if they have any medical conditions, they are catered to properly. In case they get sick, there is a vet nearby who would gladly bring in his help. For no extra charges, your pets will be groomed and their nails clipped. And for a smaller fee, your dogs can be washed and be ready when it’s finally time to go home.

To find more about the services provided by Talbot House kennels in Golborne, you can check out our website or you can even drop in for a visit at Platt Lane, Worthington. With us, you can be sure that your pets will be cared by, they will be fed the best food and they will be loved. Do not hesitate to contact us at Talbot House Kennels for any information you require about our facilities.

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