Looking For Ormskirk Kennels?

Ormskirk KennelsIf you are planning a short trip away from home and you are searching for Ormskirk kennels, you should definitely consider Talbot House Boarding House Kennels and Cattery, a home where all animals go to play while you are away. This house is a boarding heaven for all dogs; they will be treated with much love and care by the animal enthusiasts who run the boarding centre. Whether you are away from home or you simply need a vet or grooming services, you will be at peace when you leave your dog here.

The kennels in Ormskirk are easy to find and book. The Talbot House provides a lot of services (some of which are even free) to the dogs such as clipping, grooming depending on the size of the dog, and fully heated kennels to keep the dogs warm during cold winters and not forgetting that there is a wide variety of renowned dog food such as Pedigree Chum, Winalot and Bakers for the dog’s nutritious feeding. One of the many reasons that you should really consider the Talbot House kennels is the 100 acres of private land owned by the centre: your dogs will definitely have their daily walk or run! On top of that, we do have a local vet whom we can consult in case your dog needs treatment. We will administer the medication ourselves should the little fellow need it.

The prices for the Ormskirk kennels at Talbot House Boarding House Kennels and Cattery are affordable for the quality services that your dog will receive in your absence. We do our very best to make your absence less traumatic for your animal friends should you decide to leave them with us! Make sure that the dogs have an updated vaccination certificate, are de-flead and wormed before they are left under our care. Do give us a call if you require any further information. Find out more on our website.

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