Enquiry About A Cat Groomer Service in Ormskirk

cat groomer service in OrmskirkWe recently received this query about a cat groomer service in Ormskirk. “I have a very old cat (16 years old) that has very matted hair. I have tried to groom him with a pet razor, but he tries to bite me. Is there a cat groomer service in Omskirk that can help?”

The answer is of course, yes, the Talbot House Kennels and Cattery offers a professional cat groomer service in the area, and will be able to assess whether your cat is eligible for grooming. The expert groomers will be able to help to alleviate your cat’s dilemma. You have probably noticed that matted hair can interfere with your cat’s ability to comfortably walk, and grooming is a safe and easy way to address and resolve your kitty’s discomfort. Because your cat is considered old, his skin may be too thin to allow for safe shaving. However, because the Cattery is an excellent cat groomer service in England, their groomers will be able to determine whether it is safe for your cat to be groomed in this manner.

If the cat groomer service in Omskirk determines that shaving would not be a safe method of grooming for your cat, then one of their expert groomers will be able to suggest safe alternatives. Sometimes, a good bath and careful brushing can help to remove matted hair in a safe, painless, and loving way. Soon, your cat will be able to move around more easily and pain free. You will also take much greater pleasure in petting him. Contact Talbot House today. Good luck!

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