Not Just ANY Cattery In Ormskirk

cattery in OrmskirkIf you are looking for a cattery in Ormskirk that will house, feed, protect and love your cat while you are away, look no further than Talbot House. Our experienced and gentle staff members will even provide the grooming services your much loved feline companion requires.

But what makes our Ormskirk cattery truly unique? Firstly, we understand that your cat is very important to you. You place your trust in us when you leave your cat at our facility. We do everything we can to keep your cat as happy and healthy as it is when he or she is with you. Your special feline will be housed in quiet, safe surroundings. The cats in our care are kept at some distance from the kennels so the sound and scent of the dogs does not disturb them. Our cat enclosures are referred to as “chalets”. Each chalet provides bedding, a sleep area with an adjoining play area and covered run and is equipped with full height sneeze barriers to protect your cat from possible infection. In addition, the chalets are heated. Meals are provided regularly and we only use products from reputable manufacturers such as Iams, Whiskas and Felix. Both dry and tinned food is given and there is always fresh water available. If your cat has favourite foods that is what he or she will be given. Naturally, if your cat has special dietary needs because of a medical condition or his or her age we will follow that diet. We will also administer medications as necessary and groom our charges if needs be. There is only final aspect of care that all cats receive: love and cuddles.

Our cattery in Ormskirk will be very happy to welcome and care for any cat that is up to date with vaccinations, deworming and has been treated for fleas. Talbot House is the home-away-from-home for your cat. Call us today to make a booking!

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