Kennels in Wigan

kennels in WiganAt our kennels in Wigan, we welcome your dog as a member of our family. Here at Talbot House pet owners can rest assured that their dog will be comfortable, cuddled, fed and interacted with. This is not just a business; it is a home away from home for your best friend. We take exceptional care of all the dogs in our care and sometimes one finds a special place in our hearts.

Here at Talbot House in Wigan, our kennels were privileged to extend their hospitality to ‘Jenny’, a greyhound. Like many Greyhounds one encounters, Jenny used to be a racer but had been adopted by an adoring family after she retired at the end of a distinguished career. This elegant animal was booked in by her family who were going away for two weeks. Once formalities such as providing proof that her vaccinations were up to date and that she had been dewormed and de-flead were out of the way, ‘Jenny’ and her family were shown through to the kennel that would be her home for the next few weeks. Although the weather was mild, the family was glad to see that the kennel was heated and that the connected run was covered to keep out the rain. We knew that a dog like this would not just need her daily walk; she would need a lot of time in the large play area in order to run and burn off some of her vast amount of energy. ‘Jenny’ was a delight to walk, feed, and watch when she played. She is a friendly, sweet and affectionate dog that interacts very well with both people and other dogs. There was only one minor problem: because she is so smart she worked out how to open a gate and used to pop into the office for a chat and a cuddle!

So, if you have a dog and you need kennels in Wigan that will treat him or her with love and great care, call us today to make a booking!

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