Looking for a Full Service Boarding Cattery in Standish?

Cattery in StandishAt Talbot House, we offer a full service boarding cattery in Standish and surrounding areas. We offer a full range of services for your beloved felines. When you are considering boarding your family’s cat you should look at our full range of services. We are set up to keep your cat happy and comfortable so you can enjoy your holiday and they can enjoy theirs. Each of our feline guests gets the full treatment whether they are staying just overnight or if they will be with us for a prolonged stay.

Our staff will interact with and play with your cat daily. They will be talked to and interacted with to help them relax and enjoy their stay. We will accept cats of any age once they have acquired all of their proper vaccinations. When you leave your cat with us you are more than welcome to bring their favorite toy for them to enjoy or if they have a special cat treat that you give them we are happy to incorporate it into their day. For residence in Standish, cattery services are all inclusive.

This means that everything is included in our service. For example, if your feline is on a specific medicine we will be happy to administer it. Also included in our boarding cattery in Standish is the availability of housing more than one cat per room. When possible, we can accommodate a family that has two cats by allowing them to stay together in one of our larger kennels. This is a great way to let your feline family members further enjoy their holiday. So if you are looking for a full service boarding cattery give us a call we will be happy to book a room for your cat. Find out more about our services on our website.

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