Dog Groomers In Wigan

Dog Groomers In WiganDog groomers in Wigan know you love your pets. At Talbot House, we understand they are part of your family. When you are looking for a company to take care of your dogs’ every need, we understand that you need someone else to take care of them like family as well. With over 100 acres of private land, our property has plenty of room to keep your furry friends happy if you need to be away for a while. You won’t see dogs locked up in tiny cages for days on end at our facility. We believe that dogs must stay active and energetic to stay happy, and make sure they get plenty of exercise.

A woman called recently with a bit of a problem. She had been called away on a long trip with very short notice. She traveled frequently for business, but normally had plenty of time to make arrangements for her three hounds. With such short notice she would not be able to use her normal pet sitter and was upset by the prospect of leaving the dogs in an unfamiliar situation. After some conversation about how we treat our canine guests she began to come around. She booked the time in the kennel during her trip away from Wigan. Dog groomers employed at our kennels love your pets like their own, and it shows. This kind of care makes it much easier for owners to leave their dogs with us when they are away.

We believe we should give a dog back to its owner looking better than we got it. To this end we offer grooming services in our facility. If the owner chooses, their pet will be pampered with all of the best. Many owners choose a nice bath and shampoo on the day they will be picking their dog up. It is quite satisfying to give your pup a big hug and have him smelling like roses. We also offer hair cuts, nail clipping, eye cleaning, and ear plucking. The next time you are in need of dog groomers in wigan, or a place for your dogs to stay, call up Talbot House on 01257 791 367.

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