Need A Cat Groomers Service In Wigan

Need -A- Cat- Groomers- Service- In -Wigan


Do you Need A Cat Groomers Service In Wigan that will give you cherished pet total love and care from a team of professional pet groomers? well at Talbot House Kennels & Cattery you’ll find a professional grooming service for all cats that are boarding at Talbot House and for those pet owners who just want to pamper their animal. Whatever the circumstances, Talbot House professional grooming service will surpass your expectations.

In Wigan to the surrounding areas, if you need a cat groomers service; it has to be Talbot House. Set within the beautiful location of Worthington nr Wigan-within 100 acres of private land-your cat is looked after to the highest standards possible by trained professionals who adorn your pet with love and attention so you have peace of mind your pet is being looked after within a comfortable and caring environment.

When you need a cat groomers service in Wigan, Talbot House Kennels & Cattery provide a service that includes: baths, shampooing, nail clipping, eye cleaning, ear plucking and so on, all lovingly administered by animal enthusiasts. So, when you want to give your cat a much-needed pampering, call the experts at Talbot House and treat your cherished pet to only the best.


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