Enquiry Regarding Kennels For Golden Retrievers Chorley



We have had an Enquiry Regarding Kennels For Golden Retrievers Chorley from a couple who are going away on a cruise for 3 weeks, and need a highly respectable and professional kennels to leave their two Golden Retrievers at. Naturally, we were more than delighted when we received the enquiry about our kennel service; explaining our reputation is second to none!

From Chorley for an enquiry regarding kennels for Golden Retrievers, to throughout Lancashire, we welcome all breed and numbers of dogs to our impressive 100 acres of private land that is a ‘haven’ for dogs to enjoy fresh air and lots of exercise. Boasting individual heated sleeping areas,treated vet bedding and covered run set, we are licensed by Wigan Council-giving you peace of mind your beloved pet is in the best hands.

For an enquiry regarding kennels for Golden Retrievers Chorley you benefit from comfortable accommodation with love and attention for your pet. Every consideration is afforded to each dog, with regular feeding-dietary requirements are always adhered to-using the latest brands of dry and wet food including Pedigree Chum, Butchers and Eukanuba. Medicine can be administered-by a local veterinary surgeon-with injections given for Diabetes etc. Christmas bookings now being taken!

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