Catteries in Shevington



For a local authority approved Catteries In Shevington choose Talbot House; set apart in secluded and beautiful countryside within a 100 acres setting. A ‘home away from home’, your precious pet will be looked after by professionals who have a wealth of experience-over 20 years-they are well equipped to accommodate any type of cat in their specially designed cattery-with double sized shalets-that can accommodate pairs or even whole families.

Whether its Shevington for a catteries enquiry, or throughout Lancashire and Greater Manchester, you will find their prompt approach to your initial enquiry, sets a precedent with the way they go about their daily business. Efficient, friendly, honest and above all thoroughly professional, the team at Talbot House have an enviable reputation for delivering on their promises to look after your pet to the highest standards possible.

With a catteries Shevington service, your cat will benefit from not only love and care from our dedicated and true animal love staff, but also the superb amenities available. Each chalet is fully heated and comes with full ‘height sneeze’ barriers, so your cat or kitten is kept protected and healthy. All that is asked of the owner, is to have a recent vaccination certificate; with cats wormed and deflead accordingly.

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