Cat Grooming near Westhoughton Keeps Your Feline Looking and Feeling Great

Cat Grooming near Westhoughton  Many pet owners are not aware that cat grooming near Westhoughton helps to keep your cat clean and healthy. While cats are fastidious about their own cleaning, they do sometimes need a little assistance. Cats that have long fur need regular grooming. Without regular grooming, long-haired cats can get fur balls. This is a result of swallowing their own fur. In the summer months, a cat will shed more hair and will also need frequent grooming. However, short-haired cats can also benefit from a professional grooming session. The brushing of the cat’s body brings the blood to the surface and stimulates circulation. In addition, cats enjoy being rubbed and petted. This is something they’ll receive during the grooming sessions.

There are several parts to a grooming session. Thus, near Westhoughton, cat grooming also ensures that your cat is bathed and brushed properly. Cats will sometimes get themselves very dirty when investigating things.  This can mean a trip to the groomer. You may have tried to bathe a cat after he has rolled in something smelly. As such, you’ll have discovered that this can be challenging, even with help.  You can end up full of scratches or bites. We have the knowledge and experience to bathe a cat properly and cause the least amount of stress to the animal. Once it is clean and dry, a good brush and rub ensures it will feel great.

Choose a professional team for your cat grooming near Westhoughton. Contact Talbot House Kennels today and book your pet for a professional grooming session. We offer grooming along with our cattery service. Many cats can take care of their daily grooming. However, as they age, it can be difficult to reach some parts of the body. A good grooming session, every so often, will keep it clean and make it feel better as cats hate to be dirty. Our professional grooming staff takes care to make the animal feel safe and comfortable. We try to make the experience as pleasant as possible for your beloved pet.  Keep your favourite feline looking its best and make use of our affordable cat grooming service.

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